Students Spread Healthy Heroes Talent

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Worcester Public Schools students at City View and North High are spreading their healthy heroes talent to others in Worcester. In celebration of Hear Month, these students taught community members and teachers important skills for saving lives.

Grade 5 students from City View School set out to teach adults about the Heimlich Maneuver. They did this through a program called "Heimlich Heroes".

Learning this skill not only helps them to understand and have confidence in what to do in an emergency but also give them ways to help the community be a safe and healthy place to live.

This programs helps to empower students to be part of the community and instills leadership skills needed for college and career.

These children know the importance of this skill and how to advocate for a health and safety to others.

Students from North High School spent Valentine’s Day morning teaching some community members "Hands Only" CPR.

All WPS students grade 7-12 learn "Hands Only" CPR in the Physical Education class each year. This consistent practice will give them confidence to use it when an emergency arises.

The skill of teaching others this life saving technique benefit the students for future endeavors in many ways. Not only can they teach their family at home, but can go out into the community to teach others.

These student leaders can used this event to beef up their community service but will most likely continue it at school basketball games, church members, teams they play on and community events.