Worcester Rising Civics Academy Camp

Students at WSU

Forty juniors from the Worcester Public School participated in a three day Civics Academy Camp on the campus of Worcester State University during the April school vacation.

Students participated in a variety of workshops conducted by local civic leaders, local political leaders, community leaders, professors and included disciplines in the justice system, law, higher education and media. Our students also gained invaluable exposure to and insight into various life experiences of some of the more successful personalities in Worcester and Central Massachusetts engaging them on current events, life decisions, critical thinking etc.

In addition, the students will be coached to coordinate a voter registration session at their respective high schools in the beginning of their senior year. Students will be trained and be assigned to work the polls during the upcoming Presidential Election in November. In closing, a special thanks to all academy speakers, City Clerk, Mr. David Rushford, Ass’t Director of Elections, Mr. Niko Vangjeli and Ass’t City Clerk, Ms. Susan Ledoux for providing this great learning experience to our students.