Young Woman of Consequence Award

Ed Augustus, Kellie Becker, and Lynn Thibault

Ms. Lynn Thibault was presented with the Young Woman of Consequence award by Senator Harriette Chandler on Thursday, March 24 at City Hall. Mayor Petty, J. McGovern, Ed  Augustus, Konstantina Lukes were in attendance at the event. According to North High School Guidance Counselor Kellie Becker, "We are fortunate to have Lynn as a student [at North High School] for the past three years. Lynn has excelled while studying rigorous courses at the Honors and Advanced Placement level. Her committed work ethic and precise preparation have resulted in her earning all honors during her entire high school career. This is just one example of how intelligent and dedicated Lynn Thibault is."

Lynn is a survivor of one of the most tragic events in the world history, the Haiti Earthquake. Not only did she have to witness horrific events but at twelve years old, she was forced to move out of a country she loved, learn a new language, and become familiar with an entirely new place. Her greatest accomplishment was her ability to come into a new school and adapt so well to the tradition of excellence held here at North High School. She accomplished this difficult feat with immense determination and an optimistic attitude. Becker goes on to say, "I come into contact with hundreds of students on a daily basis, they each have their own unique story to tell. I’m amazed by all of them – their willingness and their tremendous ability to withstand the horror they sometimes are forced to endure. Students such as Lynn have turned their situation into something positive – they turned to education – their way out."

Lynn has taken full advantage of what education has to offer her. Not only is she able to manage her coursework at the Honors and AP level, she has given her time participating in volunteer work.

The North High School community is grateful to have had Lynn as a student for the past three years and is confident that she will continue to help society grow as a true young woman of consequence.